Frozen Dough

Find Buddha Bread in the Freezer section of your grocery store

Bake fresh at home

No thawing or pre-heating required.

Quick & Easy

Buddha Bread Bakes fast making it an easy, delicious treat!


Crunchy on the outside, soft and doughy in the middle. Buddha Bread is sure to give you Pure Enlightenment ...with every bite!

Buddha Bread Original Rolls
Buddha Bread Olive & Rosemary Roll
Buddha Bread Garlic & Basil Breadstix

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Gluten Free

Made fresh at our dedicated facility in Bridgeport CT

Natural Ingredients

12g Protein per roll

No added Sugar or Salt

No Soy or Nuts

No Trans Fats

No High Fructose Corn Syrup


At BEBreads, we create great tasting gluten-free breads that are fun and easy to bake fresh at home.

Inspired by ancient South American recipes, Buddha Bread is a redesigned gluten free cheese bread, which has been shaped & frozen in raw dough form.  

Using all natural ingredients, Buddha Bread bakes crunchy on the outside and soft & doughy in the middle.  
You can quickly bake Buddha Bread at home to enjoy as a snack, side to your entrée, dessert or stuffed with virtually anything.


If you love the taste of delicious bread, hot from the oven, Buddha Bread is sure to give you pure enlightenment ...with every bite!


Find Buddha Bread in the Freezer section of these great retailers!

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