Press Release - BE in 100+ Stores


Bread Empire, a gluten free bread company is now available in over 100 stores.

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut, March 17, 2016 – Bread Empire founded by Dominic and Paola Rotondi and based in Bridgeport, Connecticut has recently started distribution with Garden Spot Foods that specializes in the distribution and fulfillment of organic and specialty foods making their cheesy bread rolls available in over 100 stores through out the Northeast.

In addition, the gluten free bread roll, called Buddha Bread is also now available at the Geissler's supermarkets. Geissler's is a family owned business with seven stores located in East Windsor, Windsor, South Windsor, Granby, Bloomfield and Somers in Connecticut as well as in Agawan, Massachusetts.

Bread Empire’s Buddha Bread– a delicious cheesy bread that has 12 grams of protein per roll. It is sold frozen and can be found in the gluten free frozen section.

The gluten free bread rolls designed to be easily baked fresh at home in 15-20 minutes, there is no need to pre-heat the oven or thaw out the rolls, making them a delicious and fast alternative for busy families that want gluten free cheesy bread rolls that are also healthy for you.


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