What if we made this bread for EVERYONE to love??

"What if, we made this bread for everyone to love?"

That's how it all began. We had made gluten free bread that all who tried it, LOVED IT. Knowing that our bread had, in essence solved the taste problem and made gluten free enjoyable for all, gave us the motivation to go from an at-home kitchen experiment to a company designed with one goal in mind...to serve the world with delicious gluten free bread products.

“That’s your bread, this is ours.”

“Mom, please buy us something different because that gluten free stuff taste's terrible!”

"Eww...gluten free."

Statements like these are common. But what we heard at the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo in 2013:

“OMG! this is genius! My husband didn't even know it was gluten free!"

"Not only does my son love your bread, but we all do!"

"We can all eat the same thing for dinner! Can I kiss you!?”

At that Expo we sold out! The lines where crazy and we couldn’t make the samples fast enough. That first night we had to drive two hours to restock and sold out again halfway through the following day. The Expo was such a success; it was the tipping point for us to enter into the gluten free bread business.

In 2014, we found the perfect spot in Bridgeport, CT and invested in new machinery. One of which cranks out 4,500 rolls per hour. Today we proudly announce we have a 100% Gluten Free and Nut free facility and since January 1st, 2015 we are in 11 stores:

  • Sunny Bridge Natural Foods –Pittsburg, PA

  • Honest Weight Food Coop –Albany, NY

  • Niskayuna Coop –Niskayuna, NY

  • Moorfield's Green Grocer –Clifton Park, NY

  • Nature's Pantry –New Windsor, NY

  • Nature's Pantry –Fishkill, NY

  • Thyme & Season –Hamden, CT

  • The Common Bond Market –Shelton, CT

  • G-Free NYC – Manhattan, NY

  • Westerly Natural Market –Manhattan, NY

  • Westside Market –Manhattan, NY

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